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Hi There, My name is Mandy. I’m a multi-hyphenate creative offering a range of services to turn your vision into reality. Whether you need captivating content creation to fuel your marketing, an stress-free event flawlessly executed, or expert guidance to launch your dream project, I’m here to help. Let’s collaborate and bring your ideas to life!


Freelance Writing

Whether you need engaging website content to drive traffic, compelling marketing copy to boost sales, or informative long-form pieces to establish your expertise, I’m here to help. I offer a variety of writing services, from blog posts and social media content to website copy and email marketing campaigns. I can also edit and proofread your existing content to ensure it’s polished and error-free. 



Feeling lost building your YouTube channel or online business? I can help! As a YouTube & Online Business Growth Consultant, I offer actionable strategies for YouTube growth, online business development, and digital marketing expertise. Learn proven techniques to create engaging content, build a loyal audience, and launch or scale your dream business – let’s turn your online vision into reality.


Speaker Engagement

I can ignite your audience! I offer a variety of speaking engagements to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a captivating keynote speech to set the stage at your conference, a thought leader panelist to spark discussion, or an engaging workshop facilitator to equip your team with new skills, I can deliver an impactful experience. I also offer informative webinars, tailored training sessions, and insightful fireside chats to share my knowledge and expertise in a way that resonates with your audience.

Other Services

Content Creation

Event Planning

Strategy Development

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Website Design and Development

Building a user-friendly and visually appealing website requires creative input at every stage. As a creative PM I will manage the collaboration between designers, developers, and content creators to deliver a website that meets the client's goals.

Creative Project Management

I bring your creative vision to life! Whether you need a show-stopping advertising campaign, a user-friendly website, or captivating social media content, I can manage your project from concept to completion, ensuring seamless collaboration between designers, writers, and developers for successful product launches, high-quality films, and polished creative content.

Film and Video Production:

Producing a film or video involves managing a large team of creative professionals, from actors and directors to sound technicians and editors. As a creative PM I will keep all the pieces moving in sync, ensuring the project stays within budget and delivers a high-quality final product.

Social Media Content Creation:

Crafting engaging social media content involves understanding the target audience and developing creative strategies to connect with them. As creative project manager I will oversee the creation of content calendars, manage content production, and track campaign performance from beginning to end.

Writing and Editing Creative Content:

Bringing a book, magazine article, or blog post to life requires creative writers and editors. As a creative PM I will manage the editorial calendar, ensure content meets quality standards, and navigate revisions and feedback from stakeholders at each stage.

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I’ve commissioned Amanda to write on a number of occasions and she is a confident and talented writer with fresh perspectives and ideas. She is always open to editing suggestions and developing articles further and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

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