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Amanda Tayte-Tait

Hi, I’m an Award Winning Producer, Speaker, Author and founder of Multi-Hyphenate Women, a media company that is committed to documenting the stories of African women across the continent and the diaspora.


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I'm Amanda, and I'm here to show you that you can build a powerful career no matter your passion, even on a shoestring budget. My journey from twice homeless to award-winning entrepreneur is living proof. Just like you, I began with nothing but ambition and a drive to see women shine. Over the past eight years, I've championed women's voices in media, becoming a certified expert in crafting messages that get heard. But empowerment goes beyond words for me. As an African woman, I'm passionate about helping women on our continent build their own empires. That's why I created Multi-Hyphenate Women: to provide the tools and support you need to turn your dreams into reality. Let's connect, share our stories, and rewrite the rules of success together. This is your space to claim your power and build a legacy that inspires.

My Books

At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me?

 This is a story of my death by the hands of society but it’s also the story of my rebirth. Speaking out in both pain and healing. The pain of rape, abuse, silence, suicide and mental health. How I found myself caged in a psych ward, afraid of what my sexuality meant. This is the story of how we became who we are and ultimately how I found the courage to speak out. This is my story but it’s also the story of so many others who came before me and it’s a symbol to say that we are no longer afraid.

24 and Reclaiming My Body

Featuring 8 people from across the African continent, this is a book about healing. Uncovering the moments that come after abuse. Unpacking and unlearning toxic behaviors. Forgiving others and forgiving yourself and most of all learning the all important lesson that love liberates. 

Book Reviews

Chris - Enthuse Magazine

In this haunting memoir “At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me”, endlessly talented filmmaker, producer, author, and blogger Amanda Tayte-Tait Marufu characterises the oppression (and triumphs) of women, the horrors of physical and sexual abuse, and the ongoing struggle to surmount the triple jeopardy of sexism, mental health stigmatisation and prejudication, as well as queerphobia, which is why it must become a quintessential novel for young people.


“Amanda! Wow, I cried this Is powerful so beautiful, and brilliant! I love how you can make us laugh in the midst of this. “you are not Bob the builder ” I could relate, and even found out something about my past self by reading! Thank you so much and bravo Amanda this is a much-needed healing book. I am sure many will benefit from it myself included.”

ZenISA - Immortal African

“Fuck the patriarchy indeed. That was liberating, thrilling... Idk man, it was DOPE! And the part where you talk about... I want to say Rae?... But that awesome woman, I could practically see her. People like that exist?!!! Living embodiments of the primal aspects of life. Myths... Legends. I want to be like her. And the cobnclusion, pairing it with a contrast to the start. Once powerless, now willing to bite the hand of the "good natured" asshole. YES! the "i know...can i kiss you" CHILLS! you gave me a crush on someone i never met.”

Beaton - Becoming The Muse

At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me is a raw and gritty read about rage, pain and healing, abuse, a society that forces people to conform, identity and sexuality. Its one person’s story and also the stories of others who have survived and the cycle of broken people who hurt others.

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Amanda is a delight to work with. She is hardworking, imaginative and focused. She has delivered well considered creative projects and contributed to delivering engaging learning experiences, and showcase events for Voice2Rep Zimbabwe finalists. This has shone through in their creative productions included the two albums produced under her stewardship, Vakuru and Intetho. She is a wonderful team member whose contributions to Accountability Lab’s portfolio are invaluable.

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