The number of people that watched #NoFilter, an Ensemble celebrity talk show that Amanda created and produced for JITTV and Play Africa.

You have to go after your dreams they are waiting for you.

The year Amanda’s articles got published in over 20 different international publications.

Every Marketing Tactic Beyonce Has Used and What We Can Learn From Her

Beyonce is not just a legend, she is an icon. She is the most-nominated female artist in Grammy history, with 79 career nominations and 29 grammy awards to her name. Her new album immediately soared to the top of Apple Music in 100 countries with 16 of the top 21 songs on Apple Music whilst garnering more than 43 million streams on Spotify — a new record. Beyonce’s success isn’t a Juke but the meticulous result of building a long-lasting brand. We will take a look at every marketing tactic Beyonce has ever used and what we can learn from her.

Every Business Ryan Trahan Used To Survive on One Penny for 30 Days

Ryan Trahan has been trending for the past month as he traveled across America to deliver Mr. Beast a penny. The true genius behind this man's content is how he has managed to merge two different YouTube verticals; the challenge video and the daily vlog format. Starting with 1 penny he worked his way up – meeting his challenge to buy plane tickets, bus tickets, a hotel room, and food and even managing to have some fun along the way. If nothing else, the daily vlogs showed us how much you can achieve with a little bit of hard work, lots of good luck, and some smart business ideas.

Is Our Bid for Self-Care Doing Us More Harm Than Good? Part 1

In April 2022, HBO released the Vrst-ever comprehensive large-scale investigation into skin care products called Not So Pretty. Spread into four parts covering makeup, hair, nails and skin, there was one common thread; the products that were getting a bad rap for how they affected people within the United States were now being sold and marketed to African women on the African continent. This article seeks to talk about the effects posed for Black women speciVcally.

Khaby Lame: How To Create a Successful Creator Business Without Ever Saying a Word

Khaby Lame is the most followed TikToker with over 142 million followers translating to over 10.8 Billion views. For reference, Super Bowl XLIX is currently the most- watched U.S. television broadcast of all time, and that only reaches 114.4 million viewers. That is an event that takes months of planning and millions of dollars in production but Khaby achieved it all in just two years, with his phone, and he didn’t even have to speak to do it.

Queer Rights Activist Zawadi Mashego on the Black Lesbian Experience

In 2006, Ugandan director, Lovinsa Kavuma created a documentary (Rape for who I am) bringing insight into the lives of Black lesbians in South Africa. The documentary followed the stories of four women, detailing how as well as facing institutional discrimination, lesbians in South Africa ran the risk of being raped because of their sexuality. “He told me he was going to teach me a lesson and show me that I’m a girl”, stated Bathini, a contributor in the Vlm.

The number of views on Create Zim the short documentary produced by Amanda that won best Documentary short at Euro Film Festival
The age at which Amanda created her first online magazine ‘The Safe Zone’ Working remotely with teens from across South Africa, Netherlands, US and more they were able to reach over 1K readers the second issue.
The number of books Amanda has contributed to including, In Her Words, The Feminist Leadership Journal and Africa80.
The year Amanda began her career as a speaker. She has spoken on platforms like The Gender Justice Unit and FWA Leadership Course, Fundraising Everywhere: Art Summit, The Feminist Leadership Journal and more.

Amazing Brands I've Worked With

The brands Amanda has worked with doing project management, freelance writing, digital marketing and video production

The number of people in the Gender and Sexuality and Global Feminism's Class at Portland State University featuring Amanda's published book as required reading. Amanda has also been featured as a speaker discussing the book at the university.
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The number of teams Amanda has led projects for
The year Visual Sensations, with Amanda as their CEO won the Entrepreneurship National Award while SMBLO an ed-tech start up she co-founded was nominated for a Globee Business Award.
The number of organisations Amanda has done volunteer work for including Kelela A Guidebook on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Feminists Mapping Africa, The Graciella Initiative and Let Them Trust
The number of fellowships Amanda has been selected for: Africa Innovation Week: Global Ambassador (2020) The Better Tomorrow Movement: Global Ambassador (2019) Digital Spaces Lab Residency – (2019) Zim Blog Award Nominee (2020) Emoyeni Digital (2021)