TV Producer|CEO and Co-Founder of Visual Sensation|Author|Activist|Feminist|Digital Marketer


Amanda Mimie Tayte-Tait



My story

Amanda Marufu is a Creative & Tech Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Blogger, Author & Feminist Activist. co-founder of EdTech Company SMBLO & Visual Sensation (a media company aimed at spreading awareness and positivity through media). As a pacesetter with a clear voice, excellent communication skills and good sense of timing and co-ordination she quickly understood the power digital elements in shaping the future, Amanda started her own online magazine at 15 and thereafter has continuously used the internet and media as her tool of choice in information dissemination. 

By harnessing the various aspects of the fourth estate she has decided to develop and utilize this medium to articulate her passion for helping people. Her endeavours saw her being chosen as a Global Ambassodor of The Better Tomorrow Movement, and as a co-founder of the Zim Digital and Social Media Award. She hopes to leverage her passion and vantage point to further spread awareness of Digital Media and how it can help uplift and provide sustainable solutions for communities.