Welcome to the #30thingsINeedToChange in my #WinterABCs

So blogging challenges test your consistency and of course, I don’t usually do blogging challenges because well you guessed it that consistency thing is a 

So anyway here I am this year entering two at the same time.

Maybe I hate myself or I’m just tired of sleep.

But here I am doing two.

Welcome to the #30thingsINeedToChange in my #WinterABCs

So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Amanda Marufu more popularly known as the feminist chick with the blue hair or Amanda Tayte Tait.

I’m 23 years old fast approaching 24 and when I think of the question of respecting boundaries, a few of my own boundaries come to mind.

1. My Values

Ever been called satanic and against the Bible because of your beliefs.

Maybe even problematic.

Worse of just downright silenced.

If you’ve answered yes to the above you most probably are a feminist.

For a long time. I had to pick between making people angry and standing up for myself. 

And then one day I got angry enough to reply to a newspaper for their downright lack of sensitivity, professionalism and well let’s just say boundary was set in stone.


Now there’s no second-guessing my values for anybody. Even for you dear reader.

This has been the hardest boundary to set because the dreaded f-word doesn’t make you anyone’s favorite; anything.

But you find yourself #FeminizingWhileAfrican and then you build your empire and you stop caring.

2. My Time

The curse of being an author (among other things) is the lack of time to write. 

My work life balance consists of writing, running and developing an app while running and developing another app and running a business to boot, did I mention writing? 

Somewhere in the midst of this is the full day whatsappers. 

You know the culprits.

Have not, do not have jobs. 

Have not and do not have a CV.

Have not and do not have a dream.

So they spend their time saying things like, ’why didn’t you reply me?’

’You’re online but you’re not replying’


’Wud’ Not You🤷🏽‍♀️

Okay I’m kidding. 

Only a little. 

But my time is definitely a boundary I need to respect more. From offering and volunteering to do stuff I don’t have the time to and going out of my way to be helpful. WHEN I KNOW I don’t have the time and even answering clients at 11pm.

Respecting the boundary of my own time is something I need to learn and I was kind of taught the hard way.

So I’ve become so used to the idea of work all day, everyday, I thought everyone did too.

Then I sent a message to someone who wasn’t having it. 

Guess who isn’t messaging people about business after 5pm anymore? 

This girl.

So here I am becoming a better all around human whose going to post everyday during the month of June.

Wish Me Luck and show me some love.

Also check out my other post over at itsafeministthing.com

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    1. The only feminism I know is the feminism in which I have the right to my own body, everything else is noise.

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