Welcome to my class on treating yourself (Where we briefly talk about money)

So to start off I don’t think I’m overly qualified to be teaching this class😂

I don’t know what Zim y’all grew up in but yazi growing up in this country was hard.

I learned to save every dollar that I had. Cause I was scared that it would just go away and the next moment I would be on the streets. 

Seeing your clothes and everything you own lying on the street is probably one of the most traumatizing things. Cause you wake up; and suddenly the roof and everything you know is gone.

So you’re starting from zero once again and you ain’t ever trying to get back to the bottom ever again. 

So I got into the habit of saving everything and planning ahead for every crisis.

The first ever thing I paid for when I eventually got a job was wifi. That was my idea of a treat. Wifi, so I could earn more money and finally get back to this blogging life.

Then I met a boy, who liked to spend. I mean like speeeeeeeeeend. A LOT.

Now I know some people might be like, uhm Mandy, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing?

But like for real, I was triggered.

I was out here saving every dollar that I could and here was this human spending every dollar that he could.

He was just out here enjoying his life and minding his own business and I was shook.

Like what kind of person just spends money like that?? 

Then I learned a few new important lessons.

1. Saving is for poor people

This was a really really hard pill to swallow. But it was a lesson brought to me by Robert Kiyosaki. 

He asked me a question that I had no answer to. Why would you save money when they’re just going to print more?

So basically every time you save money even if you’re saving $US it’s just going to be hit by inflation and be worthless over time, so the smarter thing is to invest it instead.

2. The best way to get rich is to stay broke

Now I know that one sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but what that means is instead of keeping cash or money in the bank constantly buy assets.

These are things that don’t ever lose value but keep on appreciating. The idea behind this is that life happens. 

For many people they will be saving up money only to see something on-sale, friends decide to take a trip, someone in the family gets sick or there’s a friend who just needs to borrow a couple of dollars. 

Guess what money you’re going to use?

When you invest in assets however you’re less likely to sell your house or equipment for something that’s not extremely important.

3. And this is the most important one; your perspective matters.

This was the hardest lesson for me to learn.

When you treat money like it’s the bad guy. You know when you say things like, ’the love of money is the root of all evil?’

Money leaves. You can save and budget until the cock crows but somehow you never actually end up having any money.

So I did something that I had never done before I stopped holding on to money so much and surprisingly I started making more.

I bought myself a pair of shoes for the first time in my life and I didn’t feel guilty about it.

Instead of focusing on what I could save from what I was making. I started thinking of ways to make even more. 

I started noticing something strange, every time I would spend money, some more would come back in.

My perspective changed completely.

I learned to work so I could live the life that I wanted instead of working just to survive. 

You know full of stress, going paycheck to paycheck.

It doesn’t feel good.

When it comes to treating yourself the most important thing is realizing that you are worth it!!

Life is too short to continue living and treating yourself like a second rate citizen.

My advice is to learn, learn some more, and continue to learn.

Don’t just look at celebrities and admire what they have but think of them as a case study and think about what you can take from them and how you can apply it to your own life. 

Because you are worth it and it’s time to live the life you dream of!

Some recommendations:

Robert Kiyosaki 

Polly Matter

Business Casual

If you need a financial advisor: 

Tawanda Chitongo or WhatsApp on +263775627056

Love Mandy

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my class on treating yourself (Where we briefly talk about money)”

    1. A lot of people end up losing their savings when things go haywire especially if you are saving in our currency.

      So invest it instead. Diversify it and grow it so instead of having $500 that’s worthless you’ll at-least have increased that money in some shape or form.

  1. Your lesson is quite interesting. I think I will stick to saving, lol. I will still spend when the need be though.

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