To the boy who never called

I wanna say it was just one day and I forgot all about it but I didn’t. It was one of those days where a smile makes you forget your senses. He was the cute guy at the party that everyone noticed. 

He noticed me, and we danced. More than that we talked. We sat down for more than 6 hours just talking and talking and for the first time I felt understood. He opened up to me like he had known me his whole life and I opened up to him.

There was something comforting about spilling all your secrets to a stranger. To this day you remain a stranger. I don’t even know if I can remember your face but I certainly have long since forgotten your name. It’s true though what they say you never forget how someone makes you feel. 

When it was nearing time to go home you gingerly offered to be the one who takes me. That’s when it happened. The first kiss. We kissed for a while longer and I was lost in your arms. I’m not sure how much time passed by as we stood under the street lights. 

You told me you wanted to see me again, I knew that I wanted more than one more meeting. So you took my number and walked away into the night.

I waited. 

For hours, turning into days. Until one week had passed.

I told my friends about this new guy who seemed like a dream and it seems like you were adamant

to remain just that a dream. A week later, convinced it was better to make the first move than to always wonder. I finally asked someone else if I could have your number instead.

He promised he would talk to you, and when the reply came it cut a little deep.

“I was just having fun that night, don’t give her my number.” 

You never knew I saw the message or that I was the one holding the phone but I went deep into my corner. Promising never to give my time to a stranger again.

Thankfully, I did it again, time and time again but alas you remain the one who never called.

Faithfully Yours:

No longer waiting by the phone

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