The 5 bloggers after my own heart

This year and last year I’ve gotten to know some amazing women who are just truly hard workers and insanely talented.

Number one on this list is Ubu. 

No, I’m not saying this cause I’m doing her challenge but the girl is a hard worker!

She is the epitome of consistency and what I want to become when I grow up.

She’s the person I believe is a natural-born leader who is destined for great things.

Two is Tanaka Daka

She is the supportive hand that you need in your team. She’s always engaged even though she’s at school and running her own blog at the same time and somehow finds time to hustle at the same time!

The girl is a superpower!!

Number 3 has managed to turn her business into a full-blown business.

None other than Stephanie Kapfunde.

From, & Bhizimusi Weekly.

She’s one of those people whose hard work is to be envied and maybe even studied for those of us still building our own digital empires.

Number 4 Debra

Debra is a girl boss.

It’s not just her posts but watching her status and everything she’s about just makes you want to go out there and hustle. 

She’s one of those people whose positive thoughts and intelligence are infectious.

Last but not least: Ellen Mubwanda.

I love intelligent women more than anything in life and I love love love the way she’s not afraid to talk about anything and she stands with conviction.

If you’re looking to learn something new or steer away from the stereotype then she’s the one.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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