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Global Ambassador For The Better Tomorrow Movement 2019

The Eat Out Movement Works To Eradicate Homelessness

EatOut Movement team is a careful selection of like-minded individuals committed to ending #homelessness, with the founder, Henry Chigama having experienced homelessness himself.



Changing the World One Story At A Time – Carol Marufu (Visual Sensation)

It’s no secret that teens and young adults everywhere turn to magazines, the internet and TV when they need guidance and support in their everyday life and as Zimbabwean it is hard to find advice tailor-made for us and this a platform to steer the conversation and talk about the issues that truly affect us.

Digital Spaces Lab 2019

For these students, the reality is to either reach lectures late because of transport, or to get to an inadequately supplied computer lab to find it full and now become unable to research or complete assignments.

The economy has shifted and one thing is abundantly clear, change is rampant in every single area of our life, but none is more abundant than the steady downtrend in the economy has brought to millennials.

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The DMC Zone (Black African Women Are Sill Underrated)
Youth Village

263Chat (DSM Week)

3mob  (DSM Week)

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What does it mean to be black? To be so overridden with hate of self? The state, the pain, the lack of self. Is it just another way to be enslaved? See Africans we fake at pride We laugh at slogans like black lives matter Think we are so morally

Why August and Jada is the Wrong Headline.

Did anyone really listen to what August was saying? So when I read this on social media like many people I was shocked. I mean Will and Jada are black family royalty and I remember reading post after post until eventually, I searched for the interview, and what I found

The 5 bloggers after my own heart

This year and last year I’ve gotten to know some amazing women who are just truly hard workers and insanely talented. Number one on this list is Ubu.  No, I’m not saying this cause I’m doing her challenge but the girl is a hard worker! She is the epitome of

4 Things I have learned on social media

. Okay, I’ll admit I’m cheating on this one by using three prompts but it’s true Social Media has taught me these things. Apologize Okay being a digital marketer has taught me one thing. Clients are ALOT like ALOT. But guess what it’s your business and you want it to

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